The benefits of carpooling ?

Carpooling is a sustainable solution to reduce car running costs, reduce pollution, noise and congestion. By sharing a ride, carpoolers also get to meet new people who usually are neighbours or workmates.
RoadMate offers you two different ways of carpooling:

Daily commute

With RoadMate you choose which days you want to share your car with other commuters. You only need to create one trip and make it recurring on the days that suit you.

Some cities -such as Auckland- encourage car sharing as a solution to reduce traffic. Auckland has established priority lanes, priority parks and transit lanes for carpoolers to use.
Checkout priority lanes for carpoolers here

In addition to priority lanes, Auckland also has priority carparks for carpooler.
Carpooling priority parking
Carpoolers can now get a 10% discount on priority parking at the Downtown car park

One off journey

If you are driving occasionally for a weekend trip, you might want to share your empty seats with people going to the same place as you. By sharing a trip, not only will you save money by splitting costs with people travelling with you, but you will also reduce your carbon foot print. In fact, when you share your car, the carbon emissions are divided by the number of occupants.

Here is how carpooling reduces the traffic...

Check out the video below!