Carpooling and rating

RoadMate users have the ability to leave feedback about trips they have had together.
Good ratings and reviews show a trusted user by the RoadMate community

After each trip shared through RoadMate, users are invited to leave a rating and a review about their experience. A driver can then rate each passenger and passengers can rate the driver and also the other passengers.

The rating is usually based on a general feeling about the trip but also some key points such as:

  • Punctuality
  • Safety and driving
  • Trip route
  • Car quality and cleanliness
  • Conversation
  • ...

How many stars should I rate?

The number of stars you give to a user have the following meaning:

  • Very disappointing
  • Poor
  • Good
  • Great
  • Amazing

Alongside your rating, RoadMate asks you to leave some brief feedback with few words to describe your experience. Here are some examples of feedback commonly found:

  • When you have an amazing trip, in a comfortable car, with a friendly, helpful and on time driver/passenger with pleasant conversation.
  • When you travel with reliable people and feel comfortable all the way.
  • When you feel like the minimum was just about being met.
  • When you feel like the driver or passenger behaved inappropriately or there was an unexpected delay or route.. Please contact us prior to leaving a review so appropriate action can be taken.
  • When you feel very disappointed or frustrated because of rude behaviour or conversation, dangerous driving, or an inappropriate car. Please contact us prior to leave a review so appropriate action can be taken.

For more safety, passengers are invited to anonymously rate the driving skills and safety according to the experience they had

  • The car looks well maintained, the driver drives safely and respects speed limits.
  • The car looks ok, the driver seems to care about safety but can do better.
  • The car is about to break down or the driver drives unsafely. Please contact us so appropriate action can be taken..

Give your feedback!

If you have already shared a trip on RoadMate, make sure you leave a comment and tell the community about your feedback. You are more likely to receive a rating in return if you leave one.

By receiving reviews you increase your reputation within RoadMate which will help you fill your empty seats or find a lift quickly.