Carpooling and users' reputation

RoadMate users have the ability to leave feedback about trips they had together. In addition to that, users accumulate points as they carpool. RoadMate calculates the reputation for each user depending on rates, reviews, but also the amount of CO2 saved*.
You can see below how RoadMate determines reputation levels for each user

Reputation level helps users choose the right road mate for a great trip!

RoadMate is a community built on trust!

Reputation levels

Newbie, empty fern
Early adopter, blue sky fern
Early adopter
Confirmed road mate, green fern
Golden member, golden fern
Golden member
Minimum trips 0 2 10 20
Minimum rates 0 3.5 4 4.5
Minimum number of reviews 0 reviews 1 reviews 5 reviews 15 reviews
Amount of CO2 saved 0.Kg 40.Kg 300.Kg 1000.Kg
Verified phone number and email No Yes Yes Yes
Profile picture No Yes Yes Yes

Your reputation on RoadMate

Your reputation grows as you share trips or travel with other road mates as a passenger. When you reach a high level of reputation, it shows that you are a highly trusted member of RoadMate.

Your reputation depends on different factors as shown above. Some of them don't require experience but are a must have to step into a higher level such as a verified phone number or a valid profile picture.
If you are a driver, make sure you set up your car type,model and colour.
Also, reviews and comments you receive from road mates are very important and are shown to other users.